What’s New ✨

Mon Apr 19

  • Real-time menu items from Zen Leaf Neptune are now live on BudWatcher. 

Tue Apr 6

  • We’ve added The Botanist Williamstown to BudWatcher.com

Sun Mar 28

  • Data freshness performance enhancement made. 
  • Fixed data quality issues from Rise ATCs.

Wed Mar 24

  • The real-time menu for GSD Eatontown has been added and is now live.

Mon Mar 22

  • We’re troubleshooting a browser error that some people have been getting. Thank you for the feedback alerting us to this issue. This should be fixed now.

Sun March 7

  • We’re starting to automatically add THCA, CBDA, and CBGA percentages to the strains we can match. Just tap on a strain name to see if it’s test data is available. You’ll see the data show up like this:

    Please note: It may take a few weeks for this data to fill in for all strains.

Sat March 6

  • Fixed an issue preventing some Curaleaf listings from showing.
  • ATCs with more than one physical location are now represented with a little black circle badge to help differentiate one location from the next.

Thu March 4

  • Fixed an issue which made it hard to see the results after using the search bar at the top of the screen.

Sat Feb 20

  • Fixed a data quality issue with Apothecarium lozenges.
  • Updated the main menu. 
  • Converted the poll to our product roadmap. We’ll kick off a poll again to survey the audience on what we should build next after this roadmap is completed.

Tue Feb 16

  • Improved the data quality from a few ATCs.
  • We’ve started work on a new epic: tappable popups for each strain that gives you a bit of information like THC%s and a photo of the product (flower, vape, etc.)

Sun Feb 14

  • Fixed a data issue preventing Breakwater’s lozenges from showing up on BudWatcher.
  • Updated BudWatcher default sort order to show the freshest products from each ATC first in the list regardless of how you have the list sorted (by atc, strain, or type).

Sat Feb 13

Change Log
  • Tapping ATC images will now show a small description (Thank you to whoever submitted this idea on the feedback form).
  • Curaleaf listings have been added.
  • Fixed issue preventing search bar from showing up for desktop computers.
  • Fixed issue with Harmony pre-ground missing from results.